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Exclusively specializing in the inspection, evaluation and rehabilitation of aging culverts in New England.

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Culvert slip-lining is less disruptive.


Ease traffic flow

Most projects require minimal or no traffic disruption.


Environmentally friendly

We manage water-flow in an environmentally friendly manner.



We will help you make the right decisions that save you time and money.

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Free Quotes and Inspections

Our free quote, culvert inspections, and expert advice will help you choose the best solution for your culvert repair or replacement. Contact us today to discuss your aging culvert rehabilitation needs.

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Benefits of Culvert Slip-lining

  • Long term cost effective
  • 100+ year life expectancy
  • No street excavation
  • No or limited traffic interference
  • Increased hydraulic capacity
  • Sizes from 1′ to 10′
  • Lining of irregular shaped culverts with ovalized pipe

Conventional Culvert Replacement

  • Short-term cash outlay
  • 25-30 year life expectancy
  • Requires street excavation
  • Traffic interruption
  • No increased capacity
  • Potential for right-of-way disturbance
  • Potential for silt infiltration

I found them to be extremely capable, responsible, and honest. [C.L.H. & Son, Inc.] confronted challenges in a positive manner and worked through them to a successful solution.

Chris CraigVermont

In 2005, after C.L.H. & Son, Inc., was hired by MaineDOT to assist with bridge construction, MaineDOT gave our performance a 97 out of 100. Carl Dodge, Sr., added that C.L.H. & Son, Inc., “exceeded expectations and what is normally encountered” and that we “made several suggestions for future projects which may result in a better product to the MDOT.”


In 2014, MassDOT hired C.L.H. & Son, Inc., to slip-line a 42” HDPE pipe in Longmeadow, MA. After project completion, MassDOT gave our work performance a grade of 97 out of 100.


In 2015, MassDOT hired C.L.H. & Son, Inc., to rehabilitate culverts on the I-91 between Easthampton and Northampton, MA. After more than a year of work, MassDOT gave our performance a grade of 94.5 out of 100.


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