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In the fall of 2015 we were contract with Lane Construction to slip-line 550 feet of deteriorating culvert with 78-inch Multi-Plate pipe. The deteriorating culvert runs 396 feet beneath Interstate 91, with a 154-feet section beneath active railroad tracks and outlets to the Connecticut River.

A segmental lining method was used where one length of pipe is inserted into the host culvert and the next piece is extrusion welded to the first one. This process is repeated until the host pipe is fully lined. An existing head wall was demolished and a new one build per MASSDOT specifications, along with cofferdams, water by-pass, and erosion and sediment control measures.

A steep embankment access, railroad delays, release of water from upstream dams, and winter conditions proved challenging throughout the project, but never deterred our determination to provide MASSDOT with a very successful project.


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