As culverts and pipes are worn away with time and use, their structural integrity begins to crack, corrode, and fail.

Water entering the pipe, rather than flowing from inlet to outlet, begins leaking into damaged areas, which over time weakens the integrity of the area holding the pipe in place and causes the pipe to become out-of-round. Since most culverts run under a roadway, the damage to the integrity of that road can cause major transportation issues or other catastrophic events.

Digging up the pipe or culvert is not always an option, because of transportation logistics or financial limitations. We provide a cost-effective alternative, ovalized culvert liners. We have the only machine in New England that can ovalize pipes to fit into an out-of-round culvert, and we have installed these ovalized culvert liners in pipes throughout the Northeast.

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Ovalization of 96″ HDPE Weolite Liner Pipe

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