For many years, C.L.H. & Son, Inc., was solely a residential and commercial sitework and utilities contractor in and around our Auburn location.

We have since grown our regional and commercial reach, extending well beyond the Auburn area, and continue to pursue excavation sitework alongside our culvert rehabilitation services.

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Sitework at Agassiz Village, Poland, Maine

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Related Services

Pipe Ovalization

Given enough time, any pipe or culvert will begin to succumb to the natural forces pressing upon them. These forces will cause the pipe or culvert to squish and bend, resulting in an out-of-round shape. Thankfully we have a piece of equipment capable of ovalizing pipes and culverts, to restore them back to their proper shape.

Culvert Slip-Lining and Repair

When a pipe or culvert deteriorates, the first instinct is to replace the pipe, but the cost-effective alternative is to slip-line and repair the culvert. With a slip-lining, the pipe is reinforced with a strong industrial material, which extends the pipe or culvert’s longevity. Contact us today for a free quote!