Our Previous Culvert Projects

We don’t just say we do good work – we show it. Each of the below culvert projects showcases our dedication and dependability to our clients. We strive for exceptional results, regardless of the situation, and we’re the only company in the Northeast exclusively specializing in the inspection, evaluation, and rehabilitation of aging culverts.

Harts Location, NH – Exterior Water Retention Project

Exterior Water Retention for LaQuinta

So. Portland, Maine – Exterior Water Retention Project

Exterior Water Retention for LaQuinta

Keene, NH – Profile Wall Polyethylene Pipe

Polyethylene pipe for the NH DoT.

Boxford, MA – Polyethylene Arch Culvert

Polyethylene arch culvert for Boxford, MA.

Oxford, ME – Polyethylene Culvert Liner with Fish Baffles

Culvert slip-lining for Oxford, ME.

Gray, ME – Structural Concrete Invert Lining

Installing a structural concrete invert lining for MEDOT, in Gray, ME.

MEDOT Structural Invert Culvert Installation

Creating for MEDOT a structural culvert invert lining, in Cornish, ME.

Agassiz Village Excavation Sitework

Excavation sitework for Agassiz Village, in Poland, ME.

Lewiston, ME – Excavation Sitework & Utilities

Utility contract work for the city of Lewiston, ME.

North Hampton, MA – Culvert Slip-Lining and Cleaning

Culvert slip-lining for North Hampton, MA.

Ithaca, NY – Box Culvert Slip-lining and Cleaning

Cleaned and slip-lined a culvert for the town of Ithaca, New York.

Auburn, ME – Excavation Sitework & Dam Spillway Repair

Detention pond repair, located in Auburn, Maine.